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CHD Eefting - CHD DIM

For administration / dose of liquid fertilizer that can be combined with another working step so that a higher capacity of up to 25% occurs. With specific kouters or disks the liquid fertilizer will be injected into the ground.
The DIM is carried out with a  800, 1000 or 1500 liter fronttank on the tractor and a hand-operated crane or a fully automatic dosing system with a computer. All cranes have special bullets against aggressive fluids. The standard pump can also be used for filling, stirring and pumping the remaining liquid back.

Standard specification:

  • Tank made of reinforced polyester 800 liter 
  • The frame is made from high quality steel 52 
  • Stainless steel bolts, nuts and hose clamps 
  • Hydraulic driven Pump Pacer 
  • 4 capholders with dosingplate as desired 
  • Ongoing liquid circulation in combination with a computer 
  • Overpressure valve with manometer set to max 3 bar 
  • Self-cleaning press filter
Possible options:  
  • 1000 or 1500 liter tank instead of 800 liter 
  • Automatic system with Müller SprayDos and ongoing liquid circulation with 2 sections 
  • Additional section, apiece
  • Single capholder  with dosingplate 
  • Headlight Set with directionindication
  • 5 meter hose with quick coupling 
  • Injection kouter M350 without handle 
  • Injection kouter M500 with handle
  • Clean water tank for washing hands