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CHD Eefting -Type 5000 drawbar steering

The main and clearwatertank are made of strong polyester and have respective a capacity of 5700 liter (maximum capacity is 6000 liter) and 650 liter, rinse head in the filling dome; cleaning system with 3 rotating nozzles.

13.6 x 48; Track minimum 1800 mm.; flangesize 2000 mm.

2x 280 liter AR piston-membrane pump and second filter.

Operation of the hydraulic functions in cabine of the tractor.
With singleworking valve; booms high/low.
With doubleworking valve; booms in/out folding first and second part.
With doubleworking valve; last boom parts in/out folding from 30 meter.

Electric balance adjustment with automatic centre position; tripple folded (from 24 meter); trapezium suspension;
Hydraulic operated.

Fitted with injectors; able to shut-off.

Made of RVS 316 TI; One set bayonet cap with seals and a flat spray tip.

Electric suspension; adjustment in the cabine. Ongoing liquid circulation.

Hydraulic brakes on axle.

Boomwide  Foldable  Sections 
18 meter 14 meter (option)
21 meter 15 meter (option) 7
24 meter 18 meter (option) 
27 meter  21 meter (option) 
30 meter  21 meter (standard)  10 
33 meter  22 meter (standard)   11 
36 meter  24 meter (standard)   12 
39 meter  25 meter (standard)   13 
42 meter  27 meter (standard)   13 
45 meter  35 and 24 meter (standard)   13 
48 meter  37 and 25 meter (standard)   13 
51 meter  39 and 26 meter (standard)   13 

From 39, 42, 45, 48 and the 51 meter the boom end parts are made of aluminium.

39 meter boom foldable to 33 and 24 meter.
42 meter boom foldable to 35 and 24 meter.

Drawbar steering:
Steeringcylinder; hydraulic handoperated.
Steeringcylinder; hydraulic handoperated + 6/2 valve
Automatic with sensors and electric hydraulic adjustment of the booms.
Automatic centre position adjustment. (only with above mentioned option)
Automatic with TrailControl, automatic centre position and electric hydraulic adjustment of the booms.
Automatic with TrailControl, automatic centre position and electric hydraulic adjustment of the booms i.c.w. Isobus Terminal.

Mudguard 30 cm. wide
Mudguard 60 cm. wide